About Us

Your membership provides you with unlimited use of the site, links to social media and your website, a way for buyers to communicate about your items, a beautiful background in which to display your items, a place for you to tell them something about yourself, and there are no hidden charges. Your monthly premium is all you pay. Give it a try. We would love to help you promote your items to the world.

By My Hands Only is a site where buyers and sellers can meet to buy and sell original fine art, quality handmade items, and individual custom services. As a buyer, By My Hands Only is a source for a myriad of quality handmade items and fine art that is unique, special, and from the heart and soul of the creator.

As a seller, By My Hands Only is a site where you can easily and economically showcase your fine art, handmade items, or individual custom services. Create one ad, or create your business page to list all of your fine art, handmade items, or custom services. If you currently have a web site or blog, By My Hands Only can take your business a step further by providing a place for your online portfolio to be shared on multiple social media sites or all you email addresses.

Our Vision and Mission

Whether you’re a weekend hobbyist or a professional artist, ByMyHandsOnly is dedicated to providing a link to the world wide web in order to promote your art or crafts. We want you to be able to devote all of your time in creating and less time marketing. Our generation is becoming more and more exposed to a factory made items and ByMyHandsOnly is a vehicle to try to help preserve the art of the handmade item. Have you ever received that beautiful quilt made just for you by your grandmother? Have you had a custom made garment for a formal occasion? Or that custom family portrait? Are you looking to invest in original art but don’t know where to look? Or you wish to compare the work of multiple artists on one site? Do you enjoy dealing directly with the artist or creator? Then this is the place for you. ByMyHandsOnly is your site to advertise your creations and a place to buy that special something for the person that has everything. This is a family oriented site only and no inappropriate items or services will be allowed.

Why ‘By My Hands Only’?

If you are a buyer, this is the site for you if you are looking for that special something for that special someone. Fine art and handmade items and custom services all in one site. If you are looking for someone to paint your family portrait, or to design and tailor your wedding gown, or if you want to decorate your house for the holidays, this is the place. If it can be made by hand, it can be found here.

If you are a seller, this is your convenient place for all your creations. If you are a photographer and also like to make quilts, you can advertise all your items on one site. If you are a painter and a sculptor, you can advertise your items on one site. If you are a knitter and a tailor, you can advertise all your items on one site. There is never a commission. You keep all the money from the sale of your item. Start selling with us today. It’s easy, fast, and economical.