Equine Art

Equine Art

Kim Portrait

14 x 14 Oil on canvas - Commission work available for those interested

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18" x 24" oil On wrapped canvas. Commission work available contact to

Price: $150.00

Lady in a Scarf

A very pleasant jig saw puzzle painting. This collage is created from

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Three Koi

This unique puzzle painting is completely original, and unique. th

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kitty Kite Watching

This is adorable. Mama and Baby watching kite flying through the win

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Yummy Summer

This painting is made with puzzle pieces applied similar to mosaic.

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Red Horse

I wanted to paint a "red horse" so I did. these colors are vibrant an

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Oil painting on pastel board with base of gold gesso. You can barely

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Mystical Gray Horse

This painting will stop people in their tracks when they see it. It l

Price: $250.00

Southern Thunder

Oil on Canvas 32"x48"

Price: $1,200.00

Magical Escape

This happy and soothing display of beautiful horses magically running

Price: $125.00

January sun

18 x 24 acrylic. This horse was catching some sun in the doorway of a

Price: $500.00

hackamore #2

12 x 16 acrylic

Price: $125.00

gray with show bit

9 x 12 acrylic

Price: $125.00


8 x 10 acrylic. photo did not turn out well.

Price: $85.00