Still Lifes

Still Lifes


This portrait is acrylic, abstract style, very pleasing and will look

Price: $175.00

You did What?

This acrylic, abstract, portrait, is painted on a canvas panel, sealed

Price: $175.00

View from the pond

This whimsical, acrylic landscape will fit nicely in any home or offic

Price: $295.00

Lady in a Scarf

A very pleasant jig saw puzzle painting. This collage is created from

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Three Koi

This unique puzzle painting is completely original, and unique. th

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kitty Kite Watching

This is adorable. Mama and Baby watching kite flying through the win

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Yummy Summer

This painting is made with puzzle pieces applied similar to mosaic.

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Over Exposed Holland Tulip

16" x 12" Acrylic on black canvas - framed with black linen liner 19"

Price: $175.00


Have you ever seen a picture made from a puzzle. I am totally origina

Price: $150.00

A Real Puzzle

Visit . Here is a totally uniqu

Price: $135.00

Trumpet Flowers

Trumpet Flowers in watercolor - 20" x 17"

Price: $225.00

Magnolia in Bloom

Magnolia in acrylic - 15" x 20"

Price: $300.00

Cacti inBloom

Cacti flowers in acrylic

Price: $275.00

original Fashion Ink Drawing

Ink, Fashion, black, white, big hat, sleek, stylish, Picture comes mat

Price: $25.00


Watercolor, pen and ink, Zentangle, abstract, 9 X 12 will fit matted

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